Panasonic Consumer – 16Mp Dig

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The GH Series from Panasonic has been a favorite for videography since its introduction. Amateur enthusiasts of video making took a liking to the GH1, while the GH2 attracted some professionals because it was a more affordable full-frame DSLR alternative. With the Lumix DMC-GH3, Panasonic is taking it up to a whole new level, creating a device that can explicitly address the needs of pro videographers. It looks and feels more like a DSLR, being bigger than its predecessor. Along with a noticeably more sizeable body, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 comes with huge improvements in video capabilities and still photography. Accessory compatibility and external controls have been prioritized with the GH3, allowing one to make changes and access buttons with more ease. The GH3 comes with enough controls that can make even demanding shooters happy. There are two dials on the front and back for adjusting exposure parameters. Across the body are customizable function buttons. These are usually assigned to set functions straight out of the box, but you can easily adjust them using the menu system. The drive mode dial is found on the top plate, and this has settings for self-timer, single shooting, bracketing, and continuous drive. This camera also has three notches for altering the PASM control, intelligent auto, movie, scene, and filter modes. The rear houses the controls for image playback, focus mode, movie recording, AF/AE lock, and menu navigation.


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